HP Officejet Pro 6830 - Set up backup fax

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Set up backup fax

Reprint received faxes from memory

Forward faxes to another number

Set automatic reduction for incoming faxes

Block unwanted fax numbers

Receive faxes using HP Digital Fax

Receive a fax manually

When you are on the phone, the person you are speaking with can send you a fax while you are still

connected. You can pick up the handset to talk or listen for fax tones.
You can receive faxes manually from a phone that is directly connected to the printer (on the 2-EXT


To receive a fax manually


Make sure the printer is turned on and you have paper loaded in the main tray.


Remove any originals from the document feeder tray.


Set the Rings to Answer setting to a high number to allow you to answer the incoming call before

the printer answers. Or, turn off the Auto Answer setting so that the printer does not

automatically answer incoming calls.


If you are currently on the phone with the sender, instruct the sender to press Start on their fax



When you hear fax tones from a sending fax machine, do the following:

From the printer control panel display, touch Fax, touch Send and Receive, and then touch

Receive Now.


After the printer begins to receive the fax, you can hang up the phone or remain on the line.

The phone line is silent during fax transmission.

Set up backup fax

Depending on your preference and security requirements, you can set up the printer to store all the

faxes it receives, only the faxes it receives while the printer is in an error condition, or none of the

faxes it receives.

To set backup fax from the printer control panel


From the printer control panel display, touch Setup.


Touch Fax Setup.


Touch Preferences.

46 Chapter 5 Fax


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Touch Backup Fax Reception.


Touch the required setting.


The default setting. When Backup fax is On, the printer stores all received faxes in

memory. This enables you to reprint up to 30 of the most recently printed faxes if they are

still saved in memory.

NOTE: When printer memory is low, it overwrites the oldest, printed faxes as it receives

new faxes. If the memory becomes full of unprinted faxes, the printer stops answering

incoming fax calls.

NOTE: If you receive a fax that is too large, such as a very detailed color photo, it might

not be stored in memory due to memory limitations.

On Error Only

Causes the printer to store faxes in memory only if an error condition exists that prevents

the printer from printing the faxes (for example, if the printer runs out of paper). The printer

continues to store incoming faxes as long as there is memory available. (If the memory

becomes full, the printer stops answering incoming fax calls.) When the error condition is

resolved, the faxes stored in memory print automatically, and then they are deleted from



Faxes are never stored in memory. For example, you might want to turn off Backup fax for

security purposes. If an error condition occurs that prevents the printer from printing (for

example, the printer runs out of paper), the printer stops answering incoming fax calls.