HP Officejet Pro 6830 - Send a fax from a phone

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Send a fax from a phone

You can send a fax using your telephone extension. This allows you to talk with the intended recipient

before sending the fax.

To send a fax from an extension phone


Load your original print-side down on the scanner glass or print-side up in the document feeder.
For more information, see Load an original on the scanner glass or Load an original in the

document feeder.


Dial the number by using the keypad on the phone that is connected to the printer.
If the recipient answers the telephone, inform the recipient that they should receive the fax on

their fax machine after they hear fax tones. If a fax machine answers the call, you will hear fax

tones from the receiving fax machine.


From the printer control panel display, touch Fax.


Touch Send and Receive.


Touch Send Fax.


If the original is loaded on the scanner glass, touch Use Glass.


When you are ready to send the fax, touch Black or Color.
NOTE: If prompted, select Send Fax.

The telephone is silent while the fax is transmitting. If you want to speak to the recipient after,

remain on the line until the transmission is complete. If you were finished talking to the recipient,

you can hang up the telephone as soon as the fax begins transmitting.