HP Officejet Pro 6830 - Change network settings

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Change network settings

From the printer control panel, you can set up and manage your printer' wireless connection and

perform a variety of network management tasks. This includes viewing and changing network

settings, restoring network defaults, and turning the wireless function on or off.
CAUTION: Network settings are provided for your convenience. However, unless you are an

advanced user, you should not change some of these settings (such as the link speed, IP settings,

default gateway, and firewall settings).


Change network settings 73

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To print network settings

Use one of the following ways:

From the printer control panel, touch

(Wireless) or (Ethernet). The network status screen

is displayed. Select Print Details to print the network configuation page.

Print the network configuration page. For more information, see Network configuration page.

To set the link speed

You can change the speed at which data is transmitted over the network. The default is Automatic.

From the printer control panel, touch Setup and then touch Network Setup.


Touch Ethernet Settings.


Select Advanced Settings.


Touch Link Speed.


Touch the appropriate option that matches your network hardware.

To change IP settings

The default IP setting for the IP settings is Automatic, which sets the IP settings automatically. If you

are an advanced user and want to use different settings (such as the IP address, subnet mask, or the

default gateway), you can change them manually.
CAUTION: Be careful when manually assigning an IP address. If you enter an invalid IP address

during the installation, your network components cannot connect with the printer.

From the printer control panel, touch Setup and then touch Network Setup.


Touch Ethernet Settings or Wireless Settings.


Touch Advanced Settings.


Touch IP Settings.


A message appears warning that changing the IP address removes the printer from the network.

Touch OK to continue.


Automatic is selected by default. To change the settings manually, touch Manual, and then enter

the appropriate information for the following settings:

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

DNS Address


Enter your changes, and then touch Done.


Touch OK.