HP Officejet Pro 6830 - Solve fax problems

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Solve fax problems

This section contains fax setup troubleshooting information for the printer. If the printer is not set up

correctly for faxing, you might experience problems when sending faxes, receiving faxes, or both.
If you are having faxing problems, you can print a fax test report to check the status of the printer.

The test fails if the printer is not set up correctly for faxing. Perform this test after you have completed

setting up the printer for faxing.
If the test fails, review the report for information on how to fix any problems found. Learn more

information about running fax test, click here to go online for more information.

If you are having problems faxing click here for online troubleshooting to resolve the problem.

At this time, this website might not be available in all languages.
For further assistance, visit the HP online support site www.hp.com/support.

The fax test failed

The display always shows Phone Off Hook

The printer is having problems sending and receiving faxes

The printer cannot receive faxes, but can send faxes

The printer cannot send faxes, but can receive faxes

Fax tones are recorded on my answering machine

The phone cord that came with my printer is not long enough

98 Chapter 10 Solve a problem


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The computer cannot receive faxes (HP Digital Fax)