HP Officejet Pro 6830 - Fax tones are recorded on my answering machine

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Fax tones are recorded on my answering machine

When you have an answering machine on the same phone line you use for fax calls, try

connecting the answering machine directly to the printer, click here to go online for more

information. If you do not connect the answering machine as recommended, fax tones might be

recorded on your answering machine.

Make sure the printer is set to receive faxes automatically and that the Rings to Answer setting

is correct. The number of rings to answer for the printer should be greater than the number of

rings to answer for the answering machine. If the answering machine and the printer are set to

the same number of rings to answer, both devices answer the call and fax tones are recorded on

the answering machine.

Set your answering machine to a low number of rings and the printer to answer in the maximum

number of rings supported. (The maximum number of rings varies by country/region.) In this

setup, the answering machine answers the call and the printer monitors the line. If the printer

detects fax tones, the printer receives the fax. If the call is a voice call, the answering machine

records the incoming message. For more information, see Set the number of rings before