HP Officejet Pro 6830 - The printer cannot send faxes, but can receive faxes

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The printer cannot send faxes, but can receive faxes

The printer might be dialing too fast or too soon. You might need to insert some pauses in the

number sequence. For example, if you need to access an outside line before dialing the phone

number, insert a pause following the access number. If your number is 95555555, and 9

accesses an outside line, you might insert pauses as follows: 9-555-5555. To enter a pause in

the fax number you are typing, touch the * repeatedly, until a dash (-) appears on the display.
You can also send the fax using monitor dialing. This enables you to listen to the phone line as

you dial. You can set the pace of your dialing and respond to prompts as you dial. For more

information, see Send a fax using monitor dialing.

The number you entered when sending the fax is not in the proper format or the receiving fax

machine is having problems. To check this, try calling the fax number from a telephone and

listen for fax tones. If you cannot hear fax tones, the receiving fax machine might not be turned

on or connected, or a voice mail service could be interfering with the recipient's phone line. You

can also ask the recipient to check the receiving fax machine for any problems.

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